All of our energy for you

Since our foundation in June 2004 we have made ourselves an excellent name as a specialist PR agency for renewable energies and technology topics - in Germany, Europe and even world-wide. What has distinguished us to a great extent is our technical knowledge and the academic way we work, which brings together systematics, transparency, efficiency and monitoring of success.

Since we founded our company, renewable energies and new technologies have taken centre stage among our range of services. During this time, we have continuously expanded our team, and trained them selectively with regard to public relations for renewable energies and new technologies. Furthermore, we operate in wide-ranging networks. Depending upon the size of the project, we put together a team, made up of our core team and a pool of trustworthy freelancers, that is best suited to fulfil your requirements.

Graphic designers, text writers, photographers, web designers, programmers, event managers and translators belong to our network. This network structure allows us to work based on needs and specific to projects since all tasks are clearly distributed and attuned to your wishes and requirements. Moreover, we can thus always guarantee you an excellent value for the money.