Communications of Biomass, Solar and Wind Firms

Do companies of the renewables industry communicate their specific strengths? Do the hit the right notes, and do their messages reach their target groups?

To answer these questions we are conducting a study on communications. From April until July 2013 we were surveying those responsible for corporate communications in biomass, solar and wind firms. From July until September 2013 we surveyed journalists in their role as multipliers to the customers and gatekeepers of the messages.

Most important findings are:

Only just about one in five companies communicate professionally. Less than one in a hundred messages are recognised by the target group.

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The full report contains all results, scientific analysis, evaluations of the communications work done by biomass, solar and wind firms, explicit recommendations and answers of 33 professional journalists about the most commom mistakes in press relations, about the demand in optimising and about providing information.





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