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Press release: Wellness with the sun - Inventive homeowner relies on environmentally friendly hot water supply with the AC-THOR from my-PV

A Belgian homeowner has adopted an eco-friendly approach to his almost century-old single-family home, as well as his jacuzzi, by utilizing the photovoltaic power manager, AC•THOR, from my-PV.

Neuzeug, Austria. Saving money and contributing to the care of the environment at the same time – that was the aim of the single-family homeowner in the Belgian region of Flanders. He sought a sustainable solution to complement his existing gas heating system and heat the water in his 1,500-liter jacuzzi for his family of four. With the AC•THOR from my-PV, a renowned expert in solar-electric heat generation based in Austria, he found what he was looking for. He is now converting the surplus electricity from a PV system with 15 kWp output into hot water and solar-electric heat.

[PDF of press release]